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For the best party!

Did you know we cater large and small events in the Chicago and its subburbs with our world-famous ice cream, cakes, and more? Make your next party memorable! Whether it's an ice cream wedding cake, ice cream catered birthday party, corporate event, or school carnival; our Catering Programs offer something for everyone!

"The Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Bar"

The Cold Stone ultimate ice cream sundae bar allows you and your guests to create the sundae of your dreams. You choose your ice cream flavors and toppings and that's where the fun begins. From fresh fruit to chocolate chip cookie dough to fresh nuts and every possible kind of candy, everything tastes better when enjoyed over one of Cold Stone Creamery’s delicious gourmet ice cream flavors.The Ultimate Sundae Bar encourages guests to be more social, have fun all while they enjoy the best tasting sundae they created! Our award-winning crew will be at the ice cream and toppings stations and can recommend standard combinations or help you concoct your wildest ice cream dream.

Sundae Bar Package 1

2 Flavors of Ice Cream, 3 Topping Choices and Fudge & Caramel. Order minimum: $600


Sundae Bar Package 2

4 Flavors of Ice Cream, 6 Topping Choices and Fudge & Caramel. Order minimum: $700


One Hour of serving time included for every 100 people

Portable Cold Stone-Mixing Before Your Eyes!

You can have the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience at your home, office, banquet/reception hall, etc! We bring our portable frozen granite stones to your event and recreate the magic from our store at your celebration. We mix the most delectable creations right before your eyes. Guests can create the concoction of their dreams with our delicious ice cream flavors, mix-ins choices, toppings and we can serve it up in a fresh waffle bowl or cones. Our Mix-Masters will mix the flavor and toppings of your choice!

Cold Stone Package 1

2 Ice Cream Flavors, 4 Mix-in Choices and FREE Fudge & Caramel

Order minimum: $700


Cold Stone Package 2

4 Ice Cream Flavors, 6 Mix-in Choices and FREE Fudge & Caramel

Order minimum: $900


One Hour of serving time included for every 100 people

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Truck

Great for outdoor birthday parties, golf outings, and more! Let your guests build their own ice cream sundae. We’ll cater the super-premium ice cream, yummy mix-ins, supplies and attentive staff, and you provide the ice cream lovers! 

Food Truck Package 1

6 Ice Cream Flavors, 12 Mix-in Choices and FREE Fudge & Caramel

Order minimum: $1200


Fuel Surcharge $0.89/mile

Two Hour of serving time included

Mobile Ice Cream Carts Are On The Move

We can also cater pre-made or pre-mixed ice cream for your next large event using our Cool Carts. Mobile ice cream carts that are the perfect addition to any party — indoor or out! Any size gathering or party, either of these choices fits right in with the festivities. Participants can come by, grab what they want, and get back to the celebration. Our Portable Cool Cart will keep your fare safe and ready to eat even in the middle of summer.

Pre-scooped cup of ice cream with 3 toppings in containers

$5 Pre-Scooped Ice Cream Cups with One Topping. Order minimum $500

Cart rental 4 hours included

Cart Delivery included


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